Garden Rollers - £40 to £60

There are some excellent manual garden rollers in this price range which will do a fantastic job at getting your lawn looking flat and tidy.

A roller can also take on a range of other lawn maintenance tasks including bedding in turf or grass seeds and flattening unsightly mounds or ridges.

Highly regarded devices in this price category include the hugely popular Handy Garden Roller which weighs 72kg when filled with water and 120kg with sand. Another great product is the Outsunny Garden Roller which features a 40 litres drum and a useful debris scraper bar.

There are some really impressive polyethylene and heavy duty steel rollers in this price bracket which will prove to be invaluable aids for gardening devotees to are striving to create a level and lush lawn.


Most people with a garden lawn like to keep it looking level and flat throughout the year - a roller is the best device around for achieving this.

The polyethylene or metal rollers in this affordable price range will rise to the challenge of getting any small to medium-sized lawn flat and level, just the way you want it. If, however, you have a large lawn you may wish to consider buying a tow-behind garden roller which works in unison with a mini tractor or ride-on mower.

Creating a lawn that look level, healthy and healthy is no mean task - it takes a lot of hard work which requires the use of several important tools, apart from a trusty garden roller - other vital bits of gear for lawn care include a lawnmower, edger, aerator and scarifier. 

You will also need to consider buying a lawn spreader is you want to establish a new lawn or spread some extra grass seeds or fertiliser on your existing lawn.

Garden rollers rise to the challenge of getting any unruly lawn looking great, plus many other duties including flattening worm casts and mounds created by ant nests or mole hills.

Among the leading brand names featured in our £40 to £60 category are Rhyas, Handy, Gardeco, Cobra, Outsunny, Parasene and Einhell.