Garden Rollers under £40

A garden roller really is a fantastic device for making your lawn look extra special - and you don't need to spend a small fortune to buy one.

Most of the rollers in this price range are plastic devices which need to be filled with water or sand to provide the essential extra weight need to do their job.

A garden roller is a worthy purchase for any gardening devotee to want to create the perfect-looking lawn, alongside other useful tools and devices such as an aerator, seed spreader, lawnmower, edger and scarifier.

Brand names featured in this range of low price lawn rollers include Greenkey, Popamazing, Einhell, Tinkertonk, Richmond and Costway..


The cheap rollers in this price range are mainly sand or water-filled polyethylene devices - but don't be put off by their low price as they are all capable of creating a beautifully flat lawn. 

Admittedly they wouldn't be up to tackling a huge lawn - that would probably call for a tow-behind roller - but they will be very capable of getting a small to medium-sized lawn looking level and tidy.

An obvious benefit of a water-filled poly roller is there is no risk of the drum rusting and also they can be emptied after use and easily pushed to a shed or garage until needed again.

These rollers can take on a multitude of other tasks including levelling mole hills, mounds and other unsightly protrusions which are stopping your lawn from looking just right.

A roller also does a great job a pressing newly-sown grass seeds firmly into the ground - simply scattering new seed and leaving it is not a good idea as it is easy for hungry birds to enjoy a free snack. There's also a risk of it blowing away in the wind.

Some of the rollers in this price range have a handy scraper bar fitted along the front of the device to catch loose debris which is gathering on the plastic or metal drum.