Deluxe Push & Towing Garden Rollers

You'll find some seriously impressive rollers in this luxury price range, from traditional manual pushed rollers to tow rollers which can be attached to ride-on lawnmowers and garden tractors.

The superior quality rollers here will all be capable of getting your lawn looking superb, as well as being capable of ridding your lawn of any unwanted depressions and large bulges.

These devices look a bit like mini steam rollers and their heavy duty construction means they really pack some punch when it comes to levelling small, medium and large lawns.

Leading brand names in this deluxe price range include Einhell, Agri-Fab, Al-Ko, Tondu, Cobra and Haemmerlin. 


A manual roller is ideal for small to medium sized lawn, but if you have large areas that need rolling, it’s best to consider buying a tow behind roller. 

Towing rollers, such as the very impressive products in the Agri-Fab range, make light work of getting an extensive lawn flat and level - attempting to achieve this with a manual mower would take a huge amount of time and would be a physically exhausting challenge.

Tow-behind rollers are often the device of choice for sporting locations including golf course, cricket and football pitches and lawn tennis courts. This type of roller will cost anything from around £120 to £400.

The top quality rollers in this luxury price range will be able to take on many different tasks - from helping bed in new grass seeds or turf, to flattening mounds, mole hills and ant nests. They can also play an important part in helping you establish a new lawn. 

We feature an impressive huge range of manual and tow-behind devices from top UK gardening tool stores including Greenfingers, Mow Direct, DIY Tools, Machine Mart, B&Q, Argos, Amazon and eBay. Buying a roller is one investment any serious gardening enthusiast will never regret.