The Benefits of Buying a Garden Roller

There's no shortage of excellent benefits to be gained from buying a garden roller to carry out a variety of tasks on your lawn.

These devices are very simple in design and easy to use - there's no steep learning curve to operating one, no complicated instructions or manuals to read and no power supply or cables required. 

A roller is quite simply an extremely efficient and effective gardening accessory which achieves wonderful results on small to large lawns. Let's take a look at some of the benefits of buying a garden roller for lawn maintenance and repair duties.

  • The obvious key benefit of a garden roller is its ability to get an unruly lawn looking level, flat and tidy - a meticulously rolled lawn will be the envy of your neighbours and is something any gardening enthusiast can be proud of. It will be necessary to roll your lawn as regularly as necessary to maintain a manicured and healthy appearance.

  • A roller does a great job when it comes levelling out bumps, ridges and mounds in a lawn - these undesirable and unsightly irregularities on a lawn surface can be created in variety of ways including moles and rodents burrowing beneath the round and winter frost heaves. The best time to level out these bumps is spring or the start of autumn.

  • Garden rollers are very easy to operate - there are no switches, controls or settings to worry about, which is certainly not the case with many other garden tools and appliances.

  • There are no running costs associated with using a garden roller - it all comes to down to using a bit of physical effort to get the job done. So you won't need to worry about electricity bills, petrol costs or battery replacement.

  • Indentations, hollows and dips on your lawn can be promptly sorted out with a garden roller - this involves digging around the problem area, rolling back the turf, adding soil beneath, placing the turf back the finally getting to work with your roller.

  • Packing down freshly-laid turf sods is easy with a lawn roller - this will also get rid of air pockets and help the grass roots to bed into the soil below.

  • A roller can create the ideal firm and flat surface for playing healthy outdoor games in the summer months, including badminton, bowls, Swingball and croquet.

  • A garden roller can assist with drainage on your lawn - a flat surface greatly reduces the risk of a lawn becoming waterlogged or developing water pools in surface recesses.

  • We should also acknowledge the health benefits of operating a garden roller  - using a manual roller gets you outdoors for some fresh air and healthy exercise in the spring and summer months.

  • Many lawn rollers are capable of creating the aesthetically pleasing stripe-effect which is often seen on football pitches and other sports grounds.

  • A roller can play key part in establishing a new lawn. Rolling your soil will level the ground before you distribute your grass seed, either by hand or by the more efficient method of using a lawn spreader.

  • An old-fashioned cast iron roller which was manufactured decades ago can make a delightful visual attraction in a rustic garden setting.

  • You can stop birds from feasting on newly-sown grass seeds by packing them down firmly into your lawn with a garden roller. Rolling seeds can also help to speed up germination.