Reviews of Our Top-Rated Garden Rollers

Garden rollers are truly excellent devices for getting untidy lawns into good shape - but it can be quite a challenge trying to choose one that's right for your needs as there are many types available to buy.

For many people a small and basic plastic or galvanised steel roller which is pushed along a small to medium lawn in perfectly adequate - but a tow-behind roller is often a wiser choice for anyone with a very large lawn.

We've carried out a few reviews of some popular manual and tow-along garden rollers which are selling well in the UK and get the results that dedicated gardening enthusiasts seek.

We discuss the key features and benefits of each roller - as well as highlighting any shortcomings - to help you in your search for the best roller for your needs.

Handy Garden Roller

Handy Garden Roller


This great quality roller has been a popular choice for several years with gardening enthusiasts across the UK.

Costing around £60 the Handy roller is great value for money and really delivers the goods when it comes to creating a wonderfully manicured lawn.

If you prefer to fill the steel drum with sand, rather than water, you will need approximately three 25 kg sacks of paving sand or similar.

A minor criticism is that the bung on the side for filling with water is a bit too small to enable you to easily fill the roller with sand, if that is your method for adding the necessary weight to the device.

The scraper bar which is attached to the front of the device does a great job of removing grass cuttings and other debris that builds up on the roller drum.

This roller is very manoeuvrable and is very swift and efficient at getting an area of lawn flat and level.

This popular roller has a working drum width of 50cm. It weighs 72kg when filled with water and 120kg if filled with sand. The roller has steel drum and frame, and also a soft and comfortable grip handle.

The dependable Handy roller can take on many rolling challenges and can get a small to medium-sized lawn look tidy, healthy and level.

The device also tick the right boxes when it comes flattening mounds, bedding in grass seeds and levelling troughs and depressions after they have been built up with fresh soil.

Here's what a few previous buyers said about this roller.

'Efficient and well-made'

'Easy to put together and certainly does the job'

'Just the tool for my lawn'

'Cheap but functional'

Great quality - glad I bought it'

This roller is currently available at Amazon,

Agri-Fab Lawn Roller

Agri-Fab Push-Tow Lawn Roller


This excellent roller gives the gardening enthusiast the best of both worlds when it comes to manual and towed rolling.

It can be pushed around a small or medium-sized garden when you wish to undertake some basic rolling work, including levelling and bedding in new seed or sods.

This roller, however, also doubles up as a tow-behind roller for anyone wanting to carry out some extensive rolling on a large garden, for example.

The Agri-Fab 45-0267 garden roller, which features a polyethylene rolling drum and a steel frame, can be easily hitched up to a ride-on lawnmower or other suitable utility vehicle.

It comes with a universal link pin to ensure it will hook up to most ride-on mowers and mini tractors. It also comes with a useful scraper bar above the drum.

Agri-Fab is a highly respected name in the gardening world and it has a superb reputation for selling top quality products that are built to last. This reliable roller costs around £170.

This roller goes does a wonderful job of levelling and sod-packing. The rolling drum has an 18-inch diameter and a width of 24 inches. It comes with an easy access fill plug for adding water to the roller with a garden hose.

The heavy-duty plastic drum which means there's no risk of rusting and it features rounded edges to prevent lawn indents and damage when turning the device.

Here's what a few previous happy buyers had to say about this superb offering from Agri-Fab.

'One great lawn roller'

'Roller functions well and set up was easy'

'Perfect for what it is supposed to do'

'Good roller - five stars'

'A great product from Agri-Fab'

This roller is currently available at Amazon,

Metal Garden Roller

Clifford James Steel Roller


This is a small and very dependable roller with an appealingly low price tag of around £25 to go with it.

The roller is smaller than many others available to buy, with a 30cm diameter drum, so you it won't be up to tackling a large lawn any time soon - however, it's just the job for anyone with a small lawn.

This roller can be filled with water or sand - and some people have even opted to fill it with concrete to give the rolling drum some badly-needed extra weight. We've docked a point from our rating as some previous buyers have expressed concern that the roller is not quite as heavy as they would like.

You will be able to undertake a variety of tasks with this roller, apart from simple levelling your lawn, including bedding in grass seeds to stop birds scoffing them before they get a chance to germinate.

The roller should also take care of  smal bumps and mounds caused by ants and other trouble makers.

This device features a scraper bar which helps remove annoying debris that can gather on the roller drum as you get down to some serious work on your lawn.

The roller's handle can also be easily detached which is a bonus when it comes to storing the device away in your garage or shed.

The weight of the roller when filled with water is around 36kg and this rises to 60kg if you choose to fill it with sand.

The Clifford James roller is traditional green in colour which means it will blend in well with any garden environment.

Here are some comments from previous customer who have already bought this compact little roller.

'Good value for lightweight roller'

'Small and strong - you can't go wrong!'

'Practical good value roller'

'Great Roller - Highly Recommended'

'Brill - just what it said on the can'

This roller is currently available at Amazon,