Garden Lawn Spreaders

A garden lawn spreader offers the perfect gardening solution for ensuring your lawn seed is distributed evenly - every time!

Gone are the days when new seed was scattered haphazardly by hand, resulting in clumps of new grass on your lawn or bald areas.

A cheap drop lawn spreader, or more expensive broadcast spreader which can also spread fertiliser, will give you the potential for an even spread of grass, especially when used with a garden roller which will embed the new seeds and protect them from the wind and greedy birds.

We bring you an extensive range of garden lawn spreaders in every shape and size from some of the UK’s top garden equipment stores..


Use a drop or broadcast lawn spreader for fertiliser or seed

Lawn spreaders are great devices for distributing grass seed, sand fertiliser or weed killer evenly in your garden - they are ideal for treating your lawn or sowing new seeds, thereby getting your lawn prepared for levelling at a later date with a garden roller.

A lawn spreader is an essential tool for the dedicated gardener and provides the perfect method of keeping your garden lawn looking beautiful. Spreaders do a wonderful job of spreading grass seed, lime, sand, weed killer and fertiliser pellets - and during the winter months a spreader is a super tool for spreading ice-melt and rock salt.

There are two main types of garden lawn spreader for sale here - the cheaper drop lawn spreader variety and the more expensive rotary broadcast spreader. Both types are available as hand operated devices or tow along models for anyone who wants to carry out spreading on a very large area of land. We also have a range of towing lawn spreaders which can be attached to ride-on lawnmowers.

We bring you garden lawn spreaders from all the top brand names including Sealey, Westland, Ev-n-Spread, Scotts, Agri-Fab, Turfmaster, Evergreen, Einhell, Evington, Spyker and Alko.

If you just want to spread seed over a small area of lawn or a patchy spot, we have a selection of cheap hand-held devices which just involve shaking seed from a container or rotating a handle attached to it - but if you’re under-taking a bigger job you may need to consider buying a wheeled lawn spreader which can be pushed around the area to be seeded.

A handheld spreader will cost around £10 to buy while a push spreader will be more expensive - a push along drop spreader will normally cost between £20 to £50 while a handheld broadcast spreader with tyred wheels or a commercial spreader will cost quite a bit more. The most expensive spreaders are the spiked tow behind types or professional devices used commercially which can cost more than £500. Towed spreaders can be attached to lawn tractors and ride-on mowers.

A broadcast spreader is available to buy as a handheld or push cart model. The cheaper and smaller of the two is the handheld variety which features a hopper container for housing fertiliser pellets or grass seeds. You simply fill up the container and twist the attached handle which allows the seed or fertiliser to be dispersed from the bottom of the spreader. This type of spreader is handy for adding fertiliser to garden plants, seeding tatty and bare patches of lawn or dealing with hard to reach areas.

A push cart spreader comes with a much larger container which rests on an axle and wheels which is attached to the steering mechanism. The fertiliser or grass seeds are released onto the lawn by pushing a lever on the handlebars. As the spreader is pushed forward a rotor blade is turned in the base of the hopper container, spreading the seed or fertiliser around the lawn.

This type of broadcast spreader, sometimes called a broadcast seeder, is able to evenly distribute grass seed to fairly large areas in a short period of time. However it may not be the right lots but if you if you have a very angular garden lawn and pathways as its circular distribution method means seeds will be thrown out quite a distance, meaning they could easily be wasted and cause a mess on paved areas in your garden.

If you want a spreader which will distribute the grass seeds or fertiliser pellets in a more controlled way, which is better suited to small gardens with straight borders and edges, it's probably worth considering buying yourself a drop lawn spreader.

The container and handle elements of a drop spreader look the same as those found on a broadcast spreader, but instead of throwing out the seeds in a circular motion, they will drop out onto the grass through a roller as you push the device along your lawn. A drop spreader is cheaper than a broadcast spreader and has the advantage of distributing fertiliser or seeds in the exact area you require.