Garden Lawn Edgers

Lawn edgers are fantastic tools for giving your garden a classy finish and making those rough and ugly edges a thing of the past.

There’s a huge range of lawn edgers to choose from to suit your taste and budget - from the simple and cheap manual type, to the more expensive electric or petrol-powered versions.

A garden roller will keep a lawn flat and smooth, but you need a lawn edger if you want to add the finishing touches to it.

We’ve teamed up with some of the top garden tools stores in the UK, so we’re confident you find the edger that’s right for you. Read more below about the benefits of using an edger.


Smarten up rough garden edges with a manual or electric edger

A lawn edger is a very handy tool to have around to keep your garden lawn looking neat and tidy - and used in conjunction with a garden roller, you can have your grassed areas looking fantastic. 

Most people take great pride in a lawned area in the front or back garden of their home, but keeping unruly edges and border tidy can be a real struggle - that’s when a manual or electric lawn edger can come to the rescue.

Edgers really do make light work of edging and do a first class job every time. Some lawn edgers are combined with a trimmer or strimmer and can be cordless and battery-powered, petrol driven or run from the mains. We also have a range of wooden, plastic and galvanised steel lawn edging products.

We also feature edger attachments including those designed for use with the Mantis range of cultivators and tillers, the Ryobi Expandit, and Flymo and McCulloch brush cutters and trimmers.

A lawn edger or trimmer is really easy to use so even the most inexperienced garden will have no trouble getting great results with one. There are different forms of lawn edgers available but they all do the same thing - give you straight and tidily cut edges along your lawn or pathed areas. 

A pathway that leads up to your house can look messy and unpleasant in the summer months due to over-growth from the lawn. The lawn edger is designed to cut off over-hanging grass. Lawn edger blades are very sharp so they can cut the grass without a lot of effort but simply pressing the handle firmly down into the ground. 

A cheap manual lawn edger will cost less than £10 but you can expect to pay quite a bit more if you choose to buy an electric trimmer edger.

Lawn edgers make it extremely easy to create a lawn that looks nice without having to call a professional lawn or landscaping service to undertake the work. 

Some edgers have self sharpening blades which are great and most have long handles which help to reduce any risk of back strain. There’s no need for hunching over when using an edger in your front or back garden. Some also have top quality hand grips on them to provide extra comfort while getting to work on your lawn.

Electric lawn edgers eliminate much of the effort required when using a manual edger. Most of these also have long handles so they are comfortable and easy to use. The motors on an electric edger make trimming and edging a lawn a quick and trouble-free experience. 

Lawn edgers are ideal for using on pathways, around trees, near garden benches, ponds, patios or any other areas of your lawn or garden that need a bit of sprucing up.

When you’ve got your lawn lovely and flat with a lawn roller, it’s time to get the edger out to complete the quest to have a beautiful looking lawned area at your home. 

Edgers are especially useful to have when weeds and brush start taking over your garden during hot weather. Some come with adjustable handles so the size can be set to suit any user.

You’ll find all the leading names for lawn edgers here from major UK gardening tool stores including B&Q, Mow Direct, Homebase, Wickes, Tesco Direct, Argos, Amazon, Lawnmowers UK, Ebay, Tooled Up, Keen Gardener and Machine Mart.