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Garden Lawn Rollers - perfect for getting surfaces in great shape

There are many gardening tools and devices available for keeping your lawn in prime condition and a lawn roller is one of the most important - there’s no better device than a garden roller for getting your lawn flat and level.

Lawn rollers are extremely heavy and are usually filled with sand or water, so they are excellent at ensuring your lawn is flat and smooth. You’ll get your lawn looking just the way you want it.

Other tools to consider buying to keep your lawn looking its best are a broadcast or lawn spreader for dispersing new grass seed and fertiliser evenly, a lawn edger to keep all you edges tidy, an aerator to create air channels in your lawn and a lawn scarifier for removing dead material around the base of grass shoots.

A lawn roller is not a cheap garden item to buy but most models are made from top quality materials and built to last - if cared for properly it should serve you well for many years whether you are using it mainly as a seed roller or turf roller. A top quality roller will be made of sturdy material and will stand up well to all weather conditions.

It’s not essential to roll your lawn every year and some gardening enthusiasts use their rollers more often than others depending on the general composition and condition of their lawns.

A roller really comes into its own when you need to plant new grass seed or an area of your lawn has become tatty and worn and requires re-seeding. This rolling device will get your seeds bedded into the soil with the minimum of fuss.

It’s crucial for the new seeds to be bedded firmly into the lawn to ensure germination and to stop them being dislodged by the wind or eaten by birds. A roller for your garden - also known as a lawn roller or grass roller - does the job perfectly.

Many years ago it was traditional for people to tread on newly laid seeds in order to embed them into the lawn - but thankfully we have lawn rollers now which do the job much more effectively.

A roller is a very basic piece of equipment compared to many other device available these days - including petrol hedge trimmers and chainsaws, wood chippers and ride-on mowers  - but it’s perfect for the job in its made for.

The most common width for a roller is 50 centimetres, although other sizes are available. Many lawn rollers are made from rust-free steel or tough plastic and have rounded edges on the drum to stop the roller gouging into the lawn when it is turned. This type of roller is kind to to your lawn area if the ground is damp or soft.

A 50 cm roller filled with water will weigh around 70kg, but this rises to around 120kg when filled with sand - the additional weight from the sound is great for bedding seeds even further into the lawn. Furthermore, sand will not freeze in the winter months, unlike water.

Some rollers come with a handy scraper bar fitted which removes debris from the roller drum as you are pushing or pulling it across your lawn. This is particularly useful if your grassed area is damp or strewn with leaves.

A lawn roller is also excellent at levelling out your lawn and flattening any unsightly mounds of loose soil, mole hills or grass lumps, and of course it’s great for bedding in new turf or sods if that’s the route you’ve gone down for creating a new lawn. Once you own a lawn roller you’ll wonder how you ever got your lawn in tip-top condition before without one.

Many of today’s outdoor rollers have a blade fitted along the top which helps to remove any debris which is picked up by the barrel during rolling.

We have an extensive range of traditional rollers which are hand-pushed including Haemmerlin and Alko rollers, but we also have many ‘tow behind’ rollers, including several from the popular Agri-Fab range. These can be attached to most garden tractors or ride-on lawnmowers and take a lot of the hard work out of rolling.

If you are a serious gardener and take pride in having a well maintained lawn, you really need to consider investing in a lawn roller - it will be money well spent, and your roller will become an invaluable investment, alongside all your other gardening tools and devices.

Keen gardeners spend many hours tending their lawns - ensuring they are properly weeded and kept in prime condition - so a roller really is the ideal device for adding the finishing touch to all your hard effort.

There are several manufacturers featured here so there are plenty of models to choose from. We’ve teamed up with many of the UK’s most reputable gardening stores to help you find the grass roller most suited to your needs - at some of the best prices around!

A garden roller has an important ‘roll’ to play in keeping your lawn in tip-top condition.

It helps to keep your lawn smooth, flat, level and healthy - as well as being the perfect garden accessory for packing down newly planted seeds or freshly-laid turf sods.

Finding the best roller for your needs is not easy - so we’ve tracked down some of the best garden lawn rollers around to save you trawling around dozens of websites.

We bring you an extensive range of lawn sand or water-filled plastic rollers, metal drum garden

rollers, lawn edgers and lawn spreaders from leading UK suppliers of garden equipment and accessories - cheap to expensive garden rollers.

You can compare prices for rollers - whether you need a conventional push roller or towed roller - from dozens of the top stores including Homebase, Mow Direct, Mower Warehouse, Argos, Wickes, B&Q, Machine Mart, Ebay Amazon, Tooled Up and Greenfingers.

When it comes to choice, quality and price and reliability - there’s no better place to buy a garden roller.

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